Step-By-Step Ordering


Follow the steps through the process to select each option. You can always return to a previous screen and de-select, re-select, etc. It's your song - your choice! Here are the steps to take:
  1. Genre (choose at least 2 genres)
  2. Location (choose at least 1 location)
  3. Any Add-On's you want - Optional
  4. Check-out
All Packages include at no additional charge:
  1. Customized Play MPE eBlast sent to all the radio recipients in your genre(s). Upon receipt the station manager or program director can download the song from the Play MPE system to place in rotation.
  2. Submission to Spotify's editors for playlist consideration, including the creation of the Canvas for your Spotify profile;
  3. Creation of SmartLink URL for pre-releases & releases; see example here;
  4. Monthly Reports (CSV format) on all activity (visits, downloads, streams, clicks) from Play MPE;
  5. Radio delivery includes adding your track to the Play MPE system and 3 promotional emails over a period of 6 months that goes out to their managed lists of recipients, notifying them that the track is available.
  6. Real-time airplay, playlists, charts and social media monitoring through Soundcharts' Music Analytics Tools.


Genre - you can select as many genres as is applicable to your music. If you're not sure, give us a call and we'll listen to the track and make a recommendation. The number indicates how many stations (reporters & non-reporters) and media outlets will receive your single.
  • Christian AC is heavily entrenched with major label content (and competition) and is more Pop friendly.
  • Christian Hot AC/CHR isn't always so major label driven and open to more Hip Hop & R&B sounds as well.
  • Christmas Single releases do not require genre or location selection; instead skip directly to the order page.
Location - you can submit your single to radio in as many locations as your budget will allow. Of course, we recommend starting with USA/Canada.
  • Australia Targeted - with targeted you get all three options (ABC Radio, Commercial & Community)
  • Australia Basic - you only get 1 option, either Commercial or Community.
Add-On's - these are specially-priced packages exclusively for TMA Radio clients. They are entirely optional. However, if you want an aggressive marketing campaign to supplement your hard work in the studio we recommend at least one Add-On package! IMPORTANT! We reserve the right not to accept your single for distribution to radio. Your single MUST be studio-produced (not in a home studio) and professionally-mastered. This is to protect our brand and that of the vendors we work with. If you are unsure of the radio-quality of your music please email an MP3 of your song to before completing your purchase. If you complete your purchase and your song is not radio-ready we will refund 100% of your payment (less PayPal processing fees). Avoid that hassle - let us hear your song FIRST!