Real-time Airplay, Playlists, Charts and Social Media Monitoring

Once your track or album is live, what's next? We have the answers!


Now the heavy lifiting begins. We handle it all for you.

And don't worry - it's all included at no additional charge!

While streaming and social networks dominate the digital landscape, traditional media and radio airplay are still vital components of the artist promotion. The digital market has matured, and trillions of data points are now available to artists and music professionals.

This information is scattered across all channels, and the data is more fragmented than ever before. It makes it hard to filter out the noise and focus on what really matters. That's where TMA comes in!

The system we utilize allows us access to:

  1. Socials, Charts, Playlists & Airplay data;
  2. Identify the sources of growth by country and platform;
  3. Benchmark our artists in one click;
  4. Global Radio Airplay Monitoring;
  5. Real-time data from over 8,800 charts and millions of playlists;
  6. Get into details on specific countries/songs with an in-depth view.

We use this data to cross reference the reports we receive from third-party partners. We are able to monitor 8,916 song and album charts across 247 countries — from Spotify Global Top-200 and Apple Music to Instagram Stories and TikTok Charts. We get a complete, comprehensive view of our artist’s charts performance across all major digital platforms.

There are currently 1,769 FM/AM radio stations in 69 countries refreshed in real-time, giving us access to the latest tracking data for radio play.

TMA had the priviledge to work with Word Artist Meredith Andrews in 2006

Meredith came to us in her final year of college where she had already made her mark as an accomplished campus worship leader. She needed help transitioning from a college worship leader to a full-time worship artist, and TMA was there to help.

Now, Meredith is well-known internationally as a worship leader with several recordings in her catalog of great music.

Here (left) is a recent look at her airplay summary using the system TMA uses to track airplay, social media and playlists.