Radio delivery includes adding your track to the Play MPE system and 3 promotional emails over a period of 6 months that goes out to their managed lists of recipients, notifying them that the track is available.


Once the track is live, we will have access to your activity reports that will let us know what stations/programmers have downloaded, streamed, or opened the email.


This is where we begin tracking real-time airplay, playlists, charting and monitor social media for fan development.

TMA Radio Promotions

TMA provides industry-standard radio promotions serviced through Play MPE. We customize a package based on your budget, genre and terrestrial audience (USA, Canada, etc.). Let TMA coordinate your radio single drop with your digital distribution release to maximize effectiveness in the marketplace!

Connect with your fans

Without radio play your music is available only to your core fans, not the millions of listeners worldwide who need to hear your message!

Leverage your time

We do all the heavy lifting so you won't have to. You've already written, recorded and released great music. Now let us help you get it out to the world.

Premium radio promotions

You don't have to navigate through the maze of radio promotions & marketing. We've already done that. How can we serve you?